Matterhorn Rattan Backpack

CHF 89

Named after one of the highest mountain summits in Europe, the Matterhorn Rattan Backpack is a signature piece as beautiful and unique as the pyramidal peak of the Matterhorn. Majestic, bold and alluring by nature, the Matterhorn Rattan Backpack is a one of a kind bag made for the fearless yet feminine souls. Big enough to fit all the essentials plus a little more, the Matterhorn Rattan Backpack is a practical option for everyday use. Add it to any outfit for a bohemian touch. 


◖ 100% handmade by artisans in Bali. Each bag takes approximately one month to make. With every purchase you are helping to support them and their families.
◖ Your order plants one tree
Every order is shipped in a plastic-free, bio-degradable bag


◖ Rattan Bag Size: Height: 19cm x Width: 19cm x Length: 13cm Adjustable Straps: 78-86cm
Fits all iPhone models
◖ Each bag comes lined with a unique piece of batik fabric. Due to the hand making process, no two bags are identical, and sizing may slightly vary.
◖ Note: Due to the rattan bags being toasted over coconuts, they will have an initial toasty aroma. The aroma will dissipate over time.


Made from Ata grass, a vine native to the volcanic foothills on the island of Bali. First, the stems are braided to create unique patterns, then dried in the sun for several days. After drying, they're toasted over coconuts, which strengthens the rattan and gives them their beautiful golden color. Finally, the leather strap and buckle are attached, and traditional Balinese Batik fabric is sewn to the interior.

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