Tribükn founders Nicolás and Kristy met in Bern, Switzerland in the midst of the COVID pandemic and fell in love instantly. Nicolás is half Swiss but grew up in Argentina, and Kristy in California.

Shortly after, they discovered their shared passions for traveling, sustainability, and creativity. It was these three pillars that led to the idea of Tribükn, a planet and people-focused sustainable lifestyle brand. Their mission for Tribükn is not only to bring unique, beautiful products to the Swiss market, but to focus on the impact each product has on our planet and the people who produce them.

"We want to shift the way people consume on a day to day basis towards a more sustainable approach." This means working with craftsmen in developing countries to strengthen their economic state and the well-being of their communities. It also means creating sustainable products that make it easier for people to change their daily consumption habits and reduce their overall waste.

Additionally, for every order, one tree is planted. "We believe that by making these gradual changes today, we can all together create a brighter tomorrow for us and future generations."